Tarick Haziz

Without Wingspic

Without Wings

I made this one in October and  it's conceptual [I think that all my photos are! hahahahaha]. On this photo I wanted to express  the limitations…
Tarick Haziz
Tarick Haziz Dec 13, 2013
Hey, I'm on Instagram!pic

Hey, I'm on Instagram!

Hey guys!  Finally I'm on instagram  [Yay]  and now you can see my ugly face in selfies or strange things that I'm doing.   So...  Follow…
Tarick Haziz
Tarick Haziz Dec 11, 2013
No Light, No Lightpic

No Light, No Light

"I never knew daylight could be so violent." - Hello, everyone! Yay! I'm back.  Ok, I always say that, but my dear friend [Lory] @candl1988  asked me to post…

Playlist: Músicas pra esquentar o clima

Enfim fiz a playlist das mais "HOT" pra dar uma esquentada no clima à dois [ou mais, né?]. Tem música pra tudo aqui [eu acho]!…
Tarick Haziz
Tarick Haziz Oct 25, 2013


YAY! Now I'm a Tim Burton's character! From the serie: "Silly things that you do when you're bored!"  LOL    
Tarick Haziz
Tarick Haziz Oct 17, 2013

HEAL - The Art Concept

Long time ago I had the idea for this illustration, was in 2012. I was very inspired by fantastic creatures of movies, not to mention that…
Tarick Haziz
Tarick Haziz Sep 02, 2013

FINALLY! I Made My First Tattoo

Two months ago I did a poll here about what should be my first tattoo:  HELP: Which one should be my first tattoo? Well, my budget was…
Tarick Haziz
Tarick Haziz Aug 24, 2013
If I Had a Homepic

If I Had a Home

This is a really lucky shot (I guess). I took this one when I was coming from a photoshoot at my work this week. I remember they…
Tarick Haziz
Tarick Haziz Aug 18, 2013


I'm trying new things these days!  I made this mix of illustration, typography in a photo that I thought would never be used and this…
Tarick Haziz
Tarick Haziz Jul 25, 2013

HELP: Which one should be my first tattoo?

Hey, guys! I need your help here. So I'm gonna make my first tattoo tomorrow [YAY!] and I'm in doubt between these two: "semicolon" and…
Tarick Haziz
Tarick Haziz Jul 10, 2013


Eu fiquei um bom tempo encarando o bloco de notas tentando buscar as palavras que me fugiram, eu tinha tanto pra falar e quando não…
Tarick Haziz
Tarick Haziz Jun 28, 2013

Está aberta a temporada de caça

Hoje eu acordei sentindo falta de algo em mim. Tateei o corpo pra saber o que poderia ser, mas não era por fora. Me parecia ser…
Tarick Haziz
Tarick Haziz Jun 25, 2013


Dois estranhos, sentados, enfim o silêncio rompido por um deles: - Eu não acredito em nada! - Como assim? Isso é sério? - Sim. Não me resta mais…
Tarick Haziz
Tarick Haziz Jun 06, 2013

Irritações do Dia a Dia: Pessoas que Conversam no Meio da Calçada

Como se já não bastassse o drama de não ter capacidade para dirigir [lê-se falta de interesse] e ter que ir a pé para qualquer…
Tarick Haziz
Tarick Haziz Jun 05, 2013
Fall in Love With: Omelette Short Filmvid

Fall in Love With: "Omelette" (Short Film)

This is one of the cutest animations I've ever seen. I don't know if I'm overreacting, but my eyes were shining when I saw! *0* It's…
Tarick Haziz
Tarick Haziz Jun 05, 2013
Fuck Off!pic

Fuck Off!

I'm not sure if I should censor it  BUT "Viva la Revolución!" LOL [I hate censure]  Now I'm making more COLORFUL photos! [I feel weird about…
Tarick Haziz
Tarick Haziz Jun 05, 2013

Irritações do Dia a Dia: Conversar Logo Depois de Acordar

Devido a muitas irritações que eu notei que sempre acontecem resolvi criar essa "coluna" no meu blog, (é tão legal dizer "Coluna", dá a impressão…
Tarick Haziz
Tarick Haziz Jun 04, 2013
Lumos Maximapic

Lumos Maxima

I was trying to make those light paintings, but I completely failed! hahahahahaha So I choose to make a normal photo! This type of photo is…
Tarick Haziz
Tarick Haziz May 28, 2013
Movies Vs. Life VIDEOvid

Movies Vs. Life (VIDEO)

Funny video that I found today! Compares some scenes that we usually see in movies with what would probably happen if it were in real…
Tarick Haziz
Tarick Haziz May 23, 2013
Oh God!pic

Oh God!

I made a photoshoot just for fun this week!  LOL Inspired in the arts of "Boneface", he is amazing! [someday I'll make a post of him] BTW…
Tarick Haziz
Tarick Haziz May 23, 2013

Sadness and Butterflies (PHOTOS)

Hello, world!  I had some hard days, that bad thoughts again...  A mix of frustration, sadness and no creativity. It's been a while since I was…
Tarick Haziz
Tarick Haziz May 16, 2013
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I am a web designer addicted to candies and animes.
I spend most of my time taking photos and editing!

If you feel my bad mood, throw me some chocolate and runaway! hahaha : D

From Brazil, with love!


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30 Seconds To Mars, Apocalyptica, Asking Alexandria, Breath Carolina, Bring Me The Horizon, Coldplay, Ellie Goulding, Emilie Autumn, Escape The Fate, Evanescence, Florence And The Machine, Flyleaf, Jeffree Star, Kerli, Lacuna Coil, Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, Lostprophets, Madina Lake, Oomph!, Panic! At The Disco

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2 Brooke Girls, American Horror Story, Dexter, Friends, Gossip Girl, Skins, The Big Bang Theory, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Will And Grace

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A Menina Que Não Sabia Ler, A Menina Que Roubava Livros, Harry Potter, Twilight Saga

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